Creating clever solutions for every application through extensive material conversion capability

Extensive capability for high volume die-cutting, kiss cutting, and waterjet cutting coupled with heat sealing, lamination and coating.

Design & production optimisation

Work with our team of experts in your product design phase to discover the best way of utilising the latest technology and innovative processes to create an industry-leading product.

Die–cutting and kiss–cutting

Our die-cutting and kiss-cutting technology guarantees accurate dimensions and shapes for a range of materials in both high and low product volumes, facilitating a quick and easy manufacturing process.

Thermal edge sealing

Creating a hermetic seal along the edges of a material, ensuring components are airtight, watertight, and protected from external contaminants.

Lamination and coating

Our products and components can be treated to meet specific needs by utilising foil or other specialised coatings to create a dual-function surface.

Specialist material cutting

Our extensive water-jet, log-cutting and vertical block splitting technology ensures a wide variety of material options can be considered in any size, shape or thickness to suit individual customer requirements.


Integration and assembly of various components to produce products fully prepared for the production line.